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ACI has started as Pharmacovigilance training company and now become an independent Pharmacovigilance assessment body with team of industry experts from the international Pharmacovigilance industry to create a set of best practice recommendations for effective training in Pharmacovigilance operational activities.

ACI provides training and competency assessment services to Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Organisations and is one of the leading organisations in the world to provide industry verified and internationally recognized accreditations for Pharmacovigilance professionals. We work with many of the leading CROs and Pharmaceutical organisations and are passionate about pioneering standards of excellence in Pharmacovigilance.

ACI enable to provide unique solutions that address the very real issues faced by the Pharmacovigilance industry as it strives to identify, recruit, develop and retain talent.


  • 2013ACI was established by Sunil Verma, an experienced Pharmacovigilance professional served for 10 years in the Pharma industry with the aim to create Professionals in Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research.
    Setup educational centres in Chandigarh, the city beautiful and Introduced first time ever technology in education through Industry level trainings in INDIA.
    Students placed in leading CROs like Quantum Solutions (now Parexel), Symogen Ltd., APCER Pharma etc.
  • 2014 Corporate training program introduced and handled many trainings effectively at Industry level with great appreciations and recognitions.
    Created the LMS (Learning Management System) for Pharmacovigilance training across the globe.
    Launch of ACI trained Pharmacovigilance Professionals database for employers to ease the hiring process.
    Trainings in Aggregate Report Writing (PSUR/PBRER/DSUR/ADCO) started with professional practice.
    Students training and placements went on successfully with add up of companies like Cognizant, Pharmavigilance, CAB Clinical, WIPRO etc. for placements.
  • 2015QPPV training for Doctors started and trained more than 30 Physicians across the globe in Pharmacovigilance.
    Pharmacovigilance Consultancy service started to set up an effective Pharmacovigilance system in Pharmaceutical companies
    Started Pharmacovigilance awareness campaign in leading Universities and Colleges across INDIA through seminars and Workshops.
  • 2016Introduced Competency assessment and accreditation services for Industry’s training system to gain the Quality assurance in Pharmacovigilance operational activities.
    Voluntarily participation in drafting Indian Pharmacovigilance Guidelines.
    Voluntarily participation as panel in designing training content and agenda for Skill development Program in Pharmacovigilance conducted by government of INDIA.
  • 2017 Launch of MSc in Pharmacovigilance, a 2 years degree program first time ever in INDIA- a joint venture between ACI and Rayat & Bahra University to provide Skills & Employability for Pharma/Life Sciences students across the globe. A pioneering initiative undertaken to help take high quality technical and professional training and educational programs to the remotest corners of the country.
  • PRESENTExpansion continued with addition of advanced training, creating India’s largest Pharmacovigilance technical training provider
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