Founder’s Message

“With the globalization of the Pharmacovigilance industry, and the need to maintain international regulatory standards, there is increasing demand of qualified and skilled Pharmacovigilance professionals to provide valuable inputs on Pharmacovigilance activities in India, European Union, US and other countries.

In today’s highly competitive and uncertain markets, organizations are under unprecedented pressure to hire professionals in Pharmacovigilance and the major challenges they face is lack of knowledge and skills specially in freshers. This is where skill based technical trainings play a major role in creating professional that encourages greater employee loyalty and satisfaction, at the same time delivering improved business results.

Looking into this unmet need, ACI started the first ever technical training programs in Pharmacovigilance in India and made international presence in later years.

The Pharmacovigilance professional certified training was started in May 2013, in Chandigarh, by highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers from the Industries for several years, covering all aspects of pharmacovigilance and drug safety management.

This training created many Pharmacovigilance professionals from Pharma, Life sciences, Dentistry and Medicine backgrounds and working effectively in the industry. Their skills have not only land them into job but they have grown faster in their career.

MBA, Pharma

Sunil Verma, the man behind ACI and on a mission to bring technical education in INDIA through skill development and innovation. He founded ACI in 2013 with first time ever a training program in Pharmacovigilance. He is a Qualified experienced professional in Pharmacovigilance serving this industry from the last 10 years as:


• For a multi-national company providing an efficient Pharmacovigilance service for marketed products licensed or planned to be licensed and to provide guidance to the technical and functional team in different global location to deliver the best services by supporting them with the client’s local regulations.


• Established and maintained an efficient Pharmacovigilance system
• Setting up electronic tracking system, training system
• Developing SOPs & working practice documents
• Create the convention of vigilance strategy for global usage
• Facilitating inspections and corporate audits
• Conducted Pharmacovigilance activities
• Collect, investigate process, document and report all applicable local and foreign ADRs from post-marketing & clinical trials in accordance with global and national regulations and procedures.


• Setting up and implemented a training program for Pharmacovigilance companies
• Train customer-facing personnel (e.g. sales rep, customer service, etc) to enhance the awareness
of the importance in monitoring drug safety and the visibility of Pharmacovigilance function within the company.
• Provide training and competency assessment services to Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Organisations
• Client certified trainer – with 8 years of varied industry experience to conduct corporate training on Pharmacovigilance processes
• Innovative, Strong presenter with proven ability to design and deliver training to a variety of individuals on topics ranging from basic to advanced level in Pharmacovigilance processes
• Experienced in creating classroom and web-based training.

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